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Welcome to the Nursery


We are a school Nursery offering part time and full time places for all children aged 3 -4 years.

Our sessions are 8.45-11.45 or 12.15-3.15. 

Our class teacher is Mrs Taylor

Our classroom learning support assistants are Miss Masters and Mrs McKeown

Our Nursery Nurse is Mrs Evans

We use the Early Years Framework and ‘Development Matters’ guidance to provide a balanced  curriculum for the children.  We offer stimulating, playful learning opportunities that cover the areas of the EYFS in a supportive, caring setting.

 We cover the following areas of learning:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design


How we learn


The children begin their day choosing their own learning. This is where the children have opportunities to develop their own play and independent exploration. The adults then scaffold their learning, helping the children to deepen their knowledge and enrich their vocabulary. Through this the children are able to develop the characteristics of effective learning so that they can play and explore, actively learn and create and think critically.

There are seven areas of learning in EYFS:

Communication and Language

Personal, Social and Emotional development

Physical development 



Understanding the world

Expressive arts and design

Outdoor Learning

We collectively join to do 'Dough disco' and then we wash our hands for snack.

Children are offered a selection of fruit or vegetables, milk or water. We sit together so that children learn healthy eating habits and try new things. Circle time is a time for children to enjoy learning about their topic focus or they might have a mathematics or phonics input or enjoy a story. 

The children are able to enjoy free flow learning, having the option to play outside or inside. There are numerous benefits of learning outside the classroom for a child’s development, both physically and mentally. We will use natural resources which we find in our learning garden to make winter stews and cakes etc. in our mud kitchen during our creative learning. We will continue to observe the birds and look after the wildlife in our garden. We enjoy feeding them and watching through our bird hide.  As the weather is cold at the moment we will assess the learning garden and make bubbles in the puddles, or stay under the shelter if it's too wet to enjoy all of the garden.   


Our Learning This Block:

What will I find on my journey?

During Block Three we are exploring the question "What will I find on my journey?" During this term we will learn all about nature, animals, transport, growing and the seaside. We will focus on dinosaurs, plants, under the sea and looking after our environment and oceans and going to the seaside and being safe around water and in the sun. 

We will take our learning outside as much as we can to enjoy the wonderful warmer weather. We will become explorers and vegetable super heroes! These were the themes the children chose to learn about so we will go with their ideas to inspire their learning. 

We will be celebrating Father’s Day and will be getting ready for the children who graduate from Nursery this year, we always put on a spectacular show to say farewell. 

We will continue to look out for signs of Spring/Summer and will continue to feed and look after the birds which habituate and enter our garden.

We will focus on reading exciting text to broaden the children’s vocabulary and we will continue to learn and sing nursery rhymes and counting songs to help support their speech and language. You can support your child by reading and sharing books every day.


Our SCARF topics will be:

·         What does my body need? 

·         I can keep trying 

·         I can do it! 

·         Growing and changing in nature 

·         When I was a baby 

·         Girls, boys and families  

·         Transition to reception  


  • Our P.E day is Wednesday. We do a 'light' P.E session in class or the main hall and children do not need to get changed but we do recommend safe appropriate footwear so that the children can run around outside and inside.


  • Please remember to clearly name all of your child's belongings. Please can you bring in spare clothes every day in a named bag as your child may get messy, wet or have an accident. 


  • Nursery timings are - 8.45 -11.45 for the am session and 12.15 - 3.15 for the afternoon session. All day session is 8.45 - 3.15


  • We like to play and learn inside and outside of the classroom every day. As the weather is beginning to get cooler/wet please can you ensure your child has a named coat and wears suitable clothing and footwear.




We welcome and encourage parents to discuss any concern or worries they have. You can always ring the school office to arrange a visit or phone call. 


Alternatively, please feel free to contact me on:


Take care, 

Mrs. Taylor


Nursery Places

If you wish to apply for a place at our Nursery, please contact our school office. They will be able to advise you on visiting the school, when your child can start and availability of sessions. 


Useful links: 

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Starting Nursery

If your child is starting Nursery with us, please see the powerpoint below which gives you and your child more information about our provision. Please so not hesitate to contact us should you require and further information. 

Starting Nursery.pdf .pdf

Block Planning

Nursery Block 3.pdf .pdf