King's Ford Infant School And Nursery

'Where everyone matters and every day counts'


Our school meals are cooked on our premises each day. We offer the children a variety of options to choose from. Look out for our themed days, which are advertised in school and on School Ping.



The Government has made the provision of a free hot school lunch available to every key stage 1 child in the Country; therefore every child at King’s Ford Infant School is entitled to a free school meal.


We are really keen to support this Government change and have put a lot of time and thought into our school dinners – the menu, the quality of food, the recipes we use and the atmosphere in the dining hall.


The food is healthy, tasty and the staff are really kind and help the children to cut up their dinners, try new things and make sure their tummies are full – it is a really good experience and a good way to get children to try new things, use knives and forks and enjoy a really sociable lunch.