King's Ford Infant School And Nursery

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Eco Review

The school council and the school staff are completing our annual Eco School Review to see how much progress we have made towards becoming a really green school. Many aspects are already embedded in the curriculum. The children are proud to be Eco Warriors and understand the part that they can play in helping to keep our planet healthy.

Great British School Clean

As part of a KEEP BRITAIN TIDY initiative we will be holding a Great British School Clean event in the Spring. It will take part all around the school site. Please help s by encouraging everyone to put litter in the bins. At playtime we put our fruit waste in a small compost bin which fills up two big com-posters.


Woodland Trust

We won a bid for some free hedging from The Woodland Trust.  120 shrubs are arriving before the end of March. The children, led by Garden Club will plant them around the school perimeter and in the Forest School Area.

Nature and Wildlife area

The area around our school orchard and main entrance is being developed as a wildlife area. The grass is allowed to grow in the Summer as we try to encourage insects and wildlife. Garden Club have made a small fernery and have planted bulbs in the two beds by this area.

There will be signs and bird feeding areas that the classes can see all year round to develop their understanding and appreciation of the natural world.


Year 2 have been studying hedgehogs. They have found out that hedgehogs are an endangered species. Look around our school site to see how we are helping to create a healthy hedgehog habitat. There is a display on the windows in the hall and posters around the classrooms. Can you help in your garden?

Pollin-8 competition: your bumblebee-friendly space!

At King’s Ford Infant and Nursery School we are an Eco School. Our theme this year is a Pollinator’s Party. Our 3 themes are school grounds, healthy living and biodiversity.

We have allowed the grass in our orchard area to remain uncut to provide habitats for insects. Each outside area has a mini beast hotel. Our beds have flowers planted in them rather than low maintenance shrubs. We have planted a sunflower forest for the Captain Tom 100 challenge.

Each class has raised beds to care for which are planted with a mix of vegetables and flowers.

We have planted echiums around the school site to encourage bees. This year’s seedlings have been sold to the staff to plant at home. The children have planted sunflowers to take home too. We have developed beds in the staff car park area too so nature really wraps around the school and shows our ethos.

A Forest School area has been created from part of our grounds. It is a boost to mental health for staff and children. Many of our children live in flats so it is another great way for them to experience nature. To nurture it and in turn to receive nurturing back.