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King’s Ford was not on my list of choices when applying for Primary Schools…However I’m glad that my child did not get my first choice. King’s Ford is brilliant. I think the teachers are wonderful and really show they care.


My child has been at King’s Ford from Nursery to Year 2 and has loved every minute.


We are very pleased with this school. The teachers are very caring.


All the staff are lovely. I’ll be sad when my child moves schools.


My child/children have thrived at this school.


Generally happy with the progress our child is making. The school is quick to respond to any queries we have.


This school is a very friendly and welcoming school. I am very happy that my child receives all the help she needs and that she is well looked after.


We are extremely pleased with the way the school has helped our child settle in and dealt with family issues which have come up this year.


I agree with all questions but I don’t know how to do the homework at home with my child. I’m so sorry but I have forgotten everything. Please come in and talk to your child’s class teacher-we’re happy to help.


Sometimes we don’t get enough information on what’s on within the school, i.e. don’t get told when after-school clubs have finished or not on so that the child gets picked up late. We put everything on Parentmail and in the newsletter the week before if we know in advance. It’s also written on the board. We text parents who are on Parentmail, so usually most children are collected on time. We also phone if a child is not collected.


My child’s reading book is not always written in…There is much more to reading than just the reading book. Children do Letters and Sounds, games, use the computer, listen to stories and many other activities to develop their reading. We also use Tapestry in Nursery and Reception so that you can see what your child is up to! Please speak to the class teacher if you’d like to know more.


I think too much time and effort is taken up with unruly children and subsequently brighter and quiet children miss out.  We are proud to be an inclusive school, caring for all our pupils and their needs. Class teachers plan children’s learning to ensure that every child’s learning is personalised with a high level of challenge for all. Please come in and talk to us.


“The school makes learning fun and exciting with a large range of different learning ways and experiences.  Fab teaching staff.”


“I think the school has many strengths. My child loves school and is doing well with her words, reading etc. I’d definitely recommend this school. Everyone is friendly and polite and the school has photos of children and their artwork all around which looks great.”


“Very good communication in a number of different ways (e.g. letters, internet, board outside school etc.) Excellent assemblies which involve families e.g. Mothers’ day assembly. Also very good Xmas Fayres/Easter Fayres etc.”


“Since attending this school, my children have progressed a lot. They enjoy school. The teachers are fantastic, helpful and polite. I know my children are safe too.”


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