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Religious Education (R.E.)

At King’s Ford Infant School and Nursery, we understand that most of our children’s experiences of R.E. are new.  Therefore, we make learning about Religions accessible and meaningful to our children, encouraging them to be inquisitive and helping them experience and understand different ways of life.  

We provide our children with a range of stories, artefacts and real-life experiences, in order for them to gain a varied and impartial view of Religions and their traditions.  Through these experiences, children develop relevant questioning skills and a sense of wonder about the world, using their imagination.

R.E. in the Early Years

R.E. makes an active contribution to most of the Early Learning Goals (ELG).  It is introduced throughout the many topic-based activities our children experience throughout the year.  These activities encourage our children to explore, observe, question, think, and talk about the people in the community and world around them.

R.E. in Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1, we use a programme of study provided by Essex County Council, exploRE, to assist us in planning and mapping the coverage of Religious Education.  This provides our children in year 1 and 2 with the skills and knowledge they require to understand and make sense of our diverse world.


This programme of study includes secular perspectives declaring, ‘it is required that a variety of perspectives are explored in a respectful and open way without seeking to promote religious over non-religious alternatives, or vice versa.  The intention is that, over time, RE will help give children and young people the tools to make their own choices in life in an informed and critical way’ (Essex County Council, 2015).

The following six study units are explored:

  • Special people
  • Special places
  • Special words and stories
  • Special things in nature
  • Special symbols and objects
  • Special ways of living

During these study units, pupils will explore and become familiar with the following religions; Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. We ensure to draw on the experiences of our school community to make learning personal and meaningful. Please see the file below which outlines the progression of skills within this area of learning. 


Home Learning

Here are some useful R.E. websites for children to access from home, some of the content in these websites is also used by staff at the school.

 RE Skills Progression.docxDownload
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