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Early Years Foundation Stage


Welcome to Nursery and Reception


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the beginning and most important stage of a child’s school life. It covers the development of children from the age of three to the end of the Reception year age 5. Children learn to adapt from their home environment to the new and challenging/stimulating experiences of school. They meet new people and learn to work together, to share, to co-operate and to solve problems.

Here at King's Ford Infants School and Nursery, we work hard to ensure that all our children are learning through their own interests whilst providing a stimulating, engaging and exciting learning experience in which to develop and grow.  We provide a 3 year rolling program of topics throughout the Nursery and Reception classes and parents are encouraged to support their children with learning. Teachers match the different levels of young children’s needs to carefully planned learning experiences through play. This is a combination of child initiated and teacher led learning opportunities both indoors and in our outdoor area. Children are observed during play in order to assess their stage of development and in order to plan for the next steps in their learning.



A brief overview of the EYFS curriculum:


 The Early Years curriculum is made up of 7 areas of learning; these are split into Prime and Specific areas. 

The Prime Areas are: 

  • Communication and Language (listening and attention; understanding, speaking)
  • Physical development (moving and handling; health and self-care)
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development (making relationships; self- confidence and self-awareness; managing feelings and behaviour)


The Specific Areas are: 

  • Literacy (reading and phonics; writing)
  • Mathematics (number; shape, space and measures)
  • Understanding the world (people and communities; the world; technology)
  • Expressive arts and design (exploring and using media and materials; being imaginative)


Each area of learning has a set of related early learning goals.


Starting school is major step in your child’s life and we aim to ensure that all children settle into school routines as quickly and as happily as possible. We want children to feel secure and confident and to develop their talents and skills in many different directions, learning alongside their friends in a supportive environment.

Learning Journey: 

During their time in the EYFS, each child has their own ‘Learning Journey’. Here at Kings Ford Infants we use the online journal called ‘Tapestry’. Please look at this resource and contribute online from home to give a fuller picture of your child. We look forward to working with you and your child on this exciting journey. 


Parent Partnership

At King’s Ford Infants, we believe that children do best when home and school work together. Parents play a vital role within EYFS and we are keen for parents to be involved and informed about all that’s going on in the experience of their child. We have an open-door policy and encourage parents to meet with staff if there is an issue they wish to discuss. Along with parent’s evenings, we also have ‘tapestry and tea’ throughout the year. Parents are invited into the classroom to spend time with their child at school and look at tapestry together. We encourage parents to note down their own observations and ‘WOW’ moments at home so that they are also included in the assessment process either on ‘wow’ certificate’s or on tapestry.


Key person

A key person is assigned to your child. This will be a member of our staff who will get to know you and your child well. The Key person makes sure that, within the day-to-day demands of the setting, each child feels special and safe. Parents will have the opportunity to build a relationship with their child’s Key Person and to liaise with someone who is fully committed and familiar with their child.


Information for parents

What to expect when?

Development Matters in the Early Years

Tapestry guide for parents

3 year rolling program (see attached)

‘WOW’ certificates (see attached)


Here are some webpages you may find useful when supporting your child at home.




ICT games


A useful document to help parents understand the curriculum in the Early Years: